Hurley’s shoe game stays on point

Karsen Cogburn, Sports Editor

Brenda Hurley has the most stylish shoes over all the eighth-grade teachers.

Karsen Cogburn

Hurley loves the brand Blowfish. They sell these shoes at boutiques. You can go to their website or even get them at The Buckle.

She is an eighth-grade English teacher, and she tries so hard to make and help people learn. Her class just finished reading a novel over a monkey paw. Her classes are fun and enjoy full.

“Shoes are important without out a doubt 1000 percent,” Hurley said. ¨My favorite shoes are built like boho sandals. I can’t wear them now, but I like them.

“I get shoes every time I go shopping.”

She agrees that shoes makes the outfit stand out. On Nov. 9, she wore pink sparkly holographic shoes that were so stinking cute.

Although her shoe game is on point, she likes clothes more and her fashion is so adorable.

She was a former cheer coach, and she loves English. She is super nice to her students and fun to hang out with. Sometimes she assigns a lot of work, but it’s nothing I can’t do. She is super understandable.

Hurley’s shoes are amazing. If you ever go down her hallway, take to time to look at her amazing fashionable shoes.