STEM students compete in Amazing Turkey Race

Noah McFatridge, Student Life Reporter

Students from STEM took part in the Amazing Turkey Race on Friday.

STEM students read a clue relating to the Amazing Turkey Race activity. (Megan Bumpas)

Through the activity, students had to look around the school, which excluded the commons, band hall, gym and bathrooms, for questions about Thanksgiving.

The eighth-graders had to find 30 questions, while the sixth-graders only had to find 24 questions.

Whichever team had the most amount of correct answers in the least amount of time won the game.

“We wanted to do something fun for Thanksgiving, and we felt like our kids could do this,” STEM teacher Rosie Castle said about the activity.

The students could not run in the halls, and they could only get five clues: one detour and four regular clues for eighth grade, while sixth grade only got four clues.

Any violations of the rules led to a one minute sit-out or “bummer.” There was also no pushing and shoving allowed, as well as no voice level above a whisper.

“It was pretty easy because there were a lot of pilgrim questions,” says Carolina Fuller. “I would participate in this kind of activity again at another time.”

Some of the winning teams were Aspen Barry, Helen Newman and Lexxus McRaynolds, and Kyla Star, Marly McRae and Cainan Night.