Editors in chief keep Demon Direct running

Ava Miller proof reads a news article for the Demon Direct. (Collin Sherrill)

Newspaper class is a class that lets students freely write stories and post them on Demon Direct, where others can read them.

In newspaper class, one of the important jobs that the students hold is editor in chief. This year, two students hold this position: Ava Miller and Ava Johnson, and they work hard everyday to help the class and do their jobs.

Miller loves her job as one of the editors in chief. She finds the position very interesting and is able to enjoy her time in class doing this job.

Her favorite part about her job is being able to help her fellow classmates learn to write better articles and stories. Miller loves to help her peers by encouraging them to write more and helping to make the Demon Direct page and class more exciting. 

Ava Johnson is one of the editors in chief for the Demon Direct (Collin Sherrill)

Johnson is the other editor in chief, and she loves her job just as much as Miller, as she finds joy in being able to help others with their work.

One thing that Johnson does to help her classmates is letting them know when their stories are due and helping them stay on task so they are able to turn them in on time. When students need ideas for their stories, Johnson is always there to help them with anything they need.

Both Miller and Johnson do a lot in the classroom.

Miller works with technology, and she usually does the final edits and posts the stories.

Miller also helps students around the classroom with anything they need.

Johnson on the other hand, has a slightly different role in the classroom. Johnson usually walks around the class, making sure everyone is on task. She also helps students find topics to write about, and proofread their news articles.

Although both Miller and Johnson do the same job, they have different duties to account for.