Sports leaving lasting impression

Luke McFatridge, Sports Reporter

Sports can be a big impact in a student’s life.

Some students like to watch sports to get away from the stress of schoolwork and chores. It can relieve stress and relax a person as they watch a game, knowing they have nothing to do.

Other students play sports. They play these sports to have fun and compete against other students from out of town schools to be the best in the state. Most people who play sports play multiple sports, and so they get to adjust to different sports. They also practice to get better, and sometimes play the sports at home.

Some students wear shirts and masks with pride. Others have merchandise and hang up posters in their room. They love their college and professional teams alike, and will watch every game no matter what. More diehard fans will go to the games and sometimes even away games. 

For these reasons, sports play a big part in a student’s life. No matter if they play or just a fan, sports can be a positive thing in the life of a student.