DMS teachers to judge art contest

Sydney Miller, Presley Sanders, and Dylan Harty

This year, art students will be competing in an art contest with all their pieces they have created.

Eric Hill shows off his art work, which has been entered into the DMS art contest. (Dylan Harty)

Students have been working hard on these art pieces all year long, with different standards to meet for each piece. The art pieces have just recently been hung in the hallways of DMS. All grades will be participating in this contest. 

The projects came in groups of different themes, each theme giving the students a chance to display their creativity skills. One of these themes included designing your own version of a popular shoe brand, Converse. You can find these designs near the sixth-grade hallways.

These were individual projects, so the students were able to show off what they could do with their own ideas and skills.

Kierney Holthaus, and eighth-grader in art, said, “I thought it was so much fun, and it was so creative.”

The artwork by the students will be judged by teachers and staff members, including principals Rodney Strutton and Christy McIntyre, and several teachers from across Duncan Middle School.

The first place prize is a box full of art supplies. Second is a ticket to skate night. Third is a gift card to Dave’s Cave.