Robotics Team prepares for competition

Kelan Smith-Johnson, Clubs Reporter

This week, the Robotics Team members are still programming and working hard for the competition in February, where they will face other schools from across Oklahoma.

Floyd Brown is the sponsor for the DMS Robotics Team. (Kelan Smith-Johnson)

The team members are eager to win the competition to showcase what they have been working on throughout the school year. The students have worked on coding and designs for their robotic entries.

“I like programming and teaching so I decided to lead Robotics,” Floyd Brown, DMS computer literacy teacher and Robotics Team sponsor, said. “I can teach what I know about programming and can help people learn about how team work comes with everything you do. We made Robotics so kids after school can have fun while learning about coding and programming.”

The Robotics Team members include Jeremy Able, Cooper Majure, Andrew Potts and Malachi Swan.

Able, a seventh-grader, said he likes being part of the Robotics Team. This is his second year to take part in Robotics.

“I feel good about the competition,” he said. “I like programming and coding, and it’s a fun thing to do.”

Majure, another seventh-grade student, said that he also liked being involved in the Robotics Team.

“I joined Robotics because I’m good at computer and I understand them really well,” he said. “And I like playing with Legos, so that why I joined Robotics.

“I’m kind of ready for the competition, and we’re coding robots to help people who are in wheelchairs do things they are not able to do (otherwise).”