Christmas Break should be renamed Winter Break

Ava Johnson, Editor in Chief

Christmas Break is a fun time.

Ava Johnson

It is full of cheer and presents and joy. The first week of break is Christmas, and the second week is New Years. I feel like we should call “Christmas Break” “Winter Break” instead because we have a Spring Break, Fall Break and Summer Break, so we should have a Winter Break.

The happiest time of the year in my opinion is Christmas, and I know a lot of people feel the same. But that does not mean that New Year’s should be overlooked.

Many people enjoy New Year’s.

I mean, who wouldn’t you get to stay up all night and eat food. Another reason some people enjoy New Year’s is that it is a . . . well, new year, and people get to start over because maybe they made a mistake the year before, and now they get a clean slate.

So for all of those reasons, this is why New Year’s is just as important as Christmas.