Capitol riot disgrace America

Sydney Miller, Academics editor

Last week on January 6th, supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump rioted at the United States Capitol building in attempts of a protest over the election.

Sydney Miller

The majority of people have heard of it one way or another; either from the news itself or overhearing someone else’s conversation. Still, I’m going to be talking about it and my opinions from my point of view.

First things first, do I support Trump?

No. Even if I did support him, would I consider this rioting understandable? Absolutely not. You can’t go storm the Capitol just because your candidate didn’t win, no matter what. It’s rioting and breaking the law, and there was ultimately no real reason to do so.

In addition to the fact that the law enforcement at the Capitol that day was close to nothing, the way they are going to handle the rioters will most likely be disappointing as well.

During the BLM protests and riots, Trump tweeted on July 27th: “Anarchists, Agitators or Protesters who vandalize or damage our Federal Courthouse in Portland, or any Federal Buildings in any of our Cities or States will be prosecuted under our recently reenacted Statues and Monuments Act. MINIMUM TEN YEARS IN PRISON. Don’t do it!”

The question is: Will this same enforcement follow through to those who raided the Capitol in the name of Trump? 

In my opinion, Trump was very much advocating the riot.

When things got too serious, Trump told the rioters to, “Go home. We love you. You’re very special.”

Consider the fact that this was right after a Capitol raid, and do with this information what you will.