DMS student creates blanket business


Ava Miller

Ava Miller’s blanket business is gaining popularity at DMS.

Sydney Miller, Academics Editor

A Duncan Middle School eighth-grade is running a small business.

Ava Miller’s blanket business is gaining popularity at DMS. (Ava Miller)

Since November, Ava Miller has maintained a blanket-making business. Miller said she is satisfied with how things are going. Miller uses chunky yard to hand-crochet blanket, and she sells them to anyone who buys.

Miller first got her start after winning the CO2 car race. She used the money for start-up capital.

With that money, she wanted to do something other than putting it into a saving account. Instead, she decided to make a business of her own doing something she loves to do.

She now uses the money from her business to save up for her future. That money will later be used to buy things for her such, such as a car and to help pay for college.

Ava makes several types and sizes of blankets, including:

  • Throw (53” by 45”) for $90
  • Twin (75” by 30”) for $120
  • Full (80” by 54”) for $160
  • Queen (80” by 60”) for $180

Now, before you say, “These prices are too high!,” consider the amount of work put into these blankets. The prices are actually quite reasonable.

A throw blanket (the kind most often ordered), takes her around 2-3 hours to make. And, the price of yarn can be expensive at times

Her favorite blankets to make are throw blankets, and her favorite color to use is pink. She makes blankets in several colors and patterns, and you can find them all on her Instagram account: @ made_with_love_from_ava.

Ava Miller’s business uses chunky yarn to create masterful blankets. (Ava Miller)

Miller said that if there were one thing that she could change about the business, she would like to change the place where she usually buys her yarn, since the business recently has been running out.

“Christmas has affected my business a lot because people have started to buy them as Christmas gifts for others,” Miller said.

Although the Christmas season has definitely gained her some buyers, she would like for more customers in order to further her business, because it is a lot of work.