Students at DMS make jewelry business

Katelyn Young and Joelliza Fincher

Amiya Williams and Ava Johnson are eighth-graders who started a business.

In their business, they make all different kinds of earrings.

Their prices for small earrings are $3, mediums are $5, and larges are $8. They have many shapes and colors and you can have custom made earrings.

They will ship the prices depending on where you live but it usually ranges from four to five dollars. 

“We started this business for the money,”  Williams said.

They started the business over Thanksgiving Break on Nov. 25, 2020, and have continued this business for around three months. They have had around 30 customers in counting.

For their materials, they buy them at Hobby Lobby and Walmart.

“We had help from our parents,” Williams said.

Emma Evans, a seventh-grader at Duncan Middle School, is a customer that bought two pairs of earrings from Busy Bees Knick Knacks. She says that she loves the earrings and that they are her favorite pair.

“I absolutely recommend buying earrings from them,” Evans said. “They are very good quality, and there are many designs to choose from.”

They may have started this business for the money but it also helps other people get nice jewelry for a low cost.