Ferguson, Hurley named DMS Teachers of the Year

Teachers of the Year at Duncan Middle School were announced this month. The teachers found out on the morning of

Brenda Hurley (Left) and Sandy Ferguson (Right) posing for a picture after wining the DMS Teacher of the Year award. (Jackson Poage)

February 1st. Brenda Hurley and Sandy Ferguson received the award with a cupcake, claiming that it was a great cupcake.

Their coworkers had the opportunity to vote for them. Teachers that have been working at Duncan Middle School for three or more years have the opportunity to be on the list to run for Teacher of the Year. There is only room for two people from the Middle School to run for the award, because there are so many different elementary schools and so many teachers.

 Ferguson said, “It’s humbling to know that your colleagues think that much of you.” It is an honor to become a teacher of the year.  

Hurley said,“I am ecstatic and feel very blessed.” Principles are not in the running for teacher of the year.

They now have to fill out an application to decide who the Teacher of the Year of Duncan Public Schools is. If one of the DMS teachers were to win against all of the teachers from the elementary schools and teachers from the Duncan High School, they would start running for State Teacher of the Year.

Winning teacher of the year is a great honor. Hurley and Ferguson both feel blessed and happy to be running for this year’s Teacher of the Year award.