DMS students create pyramids


Damon Dillon

Sixth-graders worked on pyramids during humanities.

Damon Dillon, Dylan Harty, and Sydney Miller

Sixth graders in humanities have recently done a fun project to go along with their studies on Ancient Egypt. This project

Sixth-graders worked on pyramids during humanities. (Damon Dillon)

challenged the students to make a pyramid model of their own, using marshmallows and toothpicks given to them by the teacher. 

Ike Floyd is one of the sixth graders who participated, and he was excited about this project. Floyd says they don’t do fun activities in humanities very often, so this was a fun point in their work. Floyd’s favorite part is the process of designing the pyramid as he is building it, as he loves hands-on activities and building. He is also happy to be able to work alongside his friends to get the task done together.

Floyd enjoyed the project as a whole, and although there were parts that could be considered easy, there were also some struggles encountered. “To me, I would say the hardest part of the project was the base, because it kept curling in as we were trying to build”, he said. Floyd also discussed that his pyramid had also fallen down while they were in the process of building, although they were able to keep it going afterwards.

Because of the difficulty levels of this assignment, the classes were all given two days of class time to work on them. Floyd does not know if any winners will be announced at all, and says there haven’t been any indications if there will or will not be winners