Editor shares thoughts on virtual learning

Ava Miller, Editor in Cheif

Hey there, how has your week been?

Ava Miller

I hope it was not too bad, considering we were just doing virtual school, but that is what I wanted to talk about with you today. How do you feel about the virtual school? Would you want to do that for an entire semester? I think we owe those virtual kids some respect. That must have been so hard to be virtual for so long, I could barely make it to Friday, much less make it an entire semester. 

OK, so you may be wondering, what is the point of this column, well, I wanted to give you guys some things to think about, regarding virtual classes, that is. Were you struggling with virtual school? I don’t think it was too hard, but then again, the teachers did not want us to have to do a lot of work over the snow storm, so they did not assign that much. I think that even just that for an entire semester would be so hard. But, I’ve heard that some people loved it, which I think is amazing. I really hope that it was fun for those who chose virtual classes, and for those that are still doing it. 

Another question, would you sleep in, and do all of your work in the afternoon, or wake up early in the morning, and get all of your work done in the morning and have a free afternoon? I

know for sure I would knock all of my work out in the morning so that I could have a free afternoon, but I have no idea how much work virtual school comes with, I only know the snow day virtual school. I’ve heard that some people were even doing school on our breaks like fall break and Thanksgiving break. I hope that you could ask yourself these questions and think about them. Maybe even comment your answers.

Thank you for reading my column and have a great day, and have a great week.