Spring sports start up

Karsen Cogburn, Sports Editor

Sports are coming to an end for winter, but don’t worry, because more sports are coming back for spring.

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There are lots of sports coming up. People that tend to play more than one sport such as golf and track and field may have a busy schedule. There are tennis, golf, running, baseball, and throwing. 

Tennis will have nine tournaments, but two tournaments are to be determined. The tennis teams will have different tournaments for boys and girls, some will be the same. 

The track team had its first practice on Feb. 9.

There are three branches: running, throwing and hurtling. The first track meet will be held at Duncan on March 11. They have five meets in total. Track practices will be canceled because of the cold temperatures outside Coach Robbins will set a new date for their practice.

Baseball’s first practice was Feb. 8.

The team members will not find out if there is a junior varsity or varsity that will be later on in the week. The baseball varsity team will have 25 games including tournaments, but the junior varsity has 15 without tournaments.

Lots of sports are coming up, most of them will start in February or March. If you play outside sports make sure you have a coat because it’s going to be cold.