HALO week starts Monday

Brendan Heilman, Clubs Reporter

HALO Week is coming up, and the DMS Student Council and its sponsors are working hard to get ready for it.

“HALO” stands for “Helpful Attitudes Leading Others.” HALO Week is March 1 to 5.

Sonia Norton, Student Council sponsor, said

“Because we raise money for groups or individuals for their financial costs, we do HALO Week every year,” student council sponsor Sonia Norton said. “We are raising money for Mason Hightower and Gabriel’s House.

“We have coin drive, a dodgeball tournament, a family fun night, a movie night, a donation reveal/pep rally, HALO dance, Hurts Doughnuts, free coffee and a hat day.”

Duncan High School Student Council officers are having presentations each day next week in the DMS gym about what is going on during that day. You can wear a hat, but it costs $1 to wear it per day, but no hoodies or jackets all week. 

There are three coin buckets for donations. The winning grade gets more phone time in lunch for a week.

Jitters Coffee is giving 10 percent of all profits from sales to HALO Week. Other places are also giving percentages of their daily sales, including Catalyst Nutrition on Monday giving 20 percent, Wishbone on Tuesday giving 10 percent, La Tapatia on Wednesday giving 10 percent and Jonny’s at Oak Tree on Thursday giving 10 percent.

The dodgeball tournament will be in the high school gym everyone can go, and Duncan Middle School will have the option to form their own teams. However, registration is necessary.

Friday in the gym, high school student council is telling everyone about the restaurants and businesses trying to raise money for HALO. They sold t-shirts, sweatshirts and four different types of masks last month for HALO, which are no longer being sold. The business donating the clothing were Jeanne Kay Designs.