Dodgeball Tournament is soon to come

Collin Sherrill, Sports Reporter

The Duncan Middle School is hosting a dodgeball tournament for their students. The students will make their own teams, the teams will consist of eight people. The players can be from any grade, and they can also have a mixture of grades. The tournament will be on May nineteenth and May twentieth. Signups for the tournament will be sometime next week. The tournament will be played like any other tournament, there will be a bracket if a team loses, and they will go to the losers bracket if they win in the losers bracket they will have to win twice in the championship. 

“I feel like we have a good shot of winning since we have a lot of people who can throw hard and can also catch,’’ said Jayce Rameriz. “The only team that might beat us is Boston’s team, but besides that, I think we have a good chance to win the tournament,’’ said Rameriz. 

“I think if we play our best then we can win the tournament, only two teams stand in the way and that is, Jayce’s team and Boston’s team,” said Carter Riddles, a seventh grader. “If we can beat those two teams I think we can win the whole tournament,’’ said Riddles.