Students feelings over teacher appreciation

Presley Sanders, Academics reporter

Presley Sanders

This week is teacher appreciation week. This week is dedicated toward teachers who work hard everyday to educate students. Some students don’t realize how hard their teachers work daily for you. This week, you should take time to tell your teacher thank you for all they do. 

Personally, I don’t have a favorite teacher. I love all of my teachers because they are all  very nice to me. I might not like some of the people in my classes, but I still like the teacher. Mr. Miller is my funniest teacher who makes me laugh a lot. Mrs. Bates is the teacher that I relate the most to because she has a good sense of humor. Mrs. Farrar is the kindest teacher because she always helps me with my art projects. 

In First grade, I had a teacher that was very nice to me. I had missed the first day of school because I had an eye infection, so she saved me a seat with my friends. The same teacher had helped me whenever I got stung in the eye by a bee. This teacher is an example of a teacher that needs appreciation. 

For teacher appreciation week, students usually get their teacher gifts to show their appreciation. I usually got gifts for my elementary teachers because I only had one teacher.