8th grade students travel to the high-school

The eighth-grade tour was on Tuesday, May 4th. All of the eighth-grade students that came to school on May 4th attended the high school. “They attended the high school because they needed to become familiar with the buildings, see high school classes in action, and explore the school club opportunities for their freshman year,” said Rodney Strutton, the principal at Duncan Middle School. 

They will be boarding the busses at 8:30. The eighth-grade students were separated into groups. Students were determined into groups based on how many students there were. There were at least 15 students in each group. The person that will be leading the tour was Mrs. Wainscott, the student council sponsor, leadership, and other clubs will be with the students. The eighth-graders did not eat lunch at the high school because the event ended at 11:15 and they were back in time for lunch. The students were at the high school for 2 ½ hours at least. 

The groups rotated in 30-minute sessions. They were either on tours, eating snacks, or playing games in the gym. The Reflections performed during the assembly. 

The eighth-grade students all were introduced to new teachers, classes and buildings. This will help the eighth graders next year as they go into high school.