Student Council Fundraisers throughout this year






Student Council

This year the student council will be doing multiple activities, and fundraisers that they do every year if you wish to participate in some of these here are all the activities and fundraisers that the student council knows will be happening at some point this year: the Bedlam Coin Drive, Bedlam Hat Day(price: 1 dollar), Winter Dance  (the Admission price will be 5 dollars ), Spring Dance (price: 5 dollars ), Jackie Robinson Hat Day for (1 dollar) wear a hat for your favorite baseball team on Jackie Robinson’s birthday. Jackie Robinson was the first to become the first African American to play in Major League Baseball, and a dodgeball tournament,(teams pay 5 dollars each) and for the Dodgeball tournament the price for Song requests will be (1 dollar ).


All The Fundraiser/Activities Dates.


This year DMS T-shirts Sale will last through: 8/1/2021-5/1/2022

   This year’s Bedlam Coin drive: has yet to be determined.

This year’s Bedlam Hat Day: To be determined.

This year’s Winter Dance: To be determined.

 This year’s spring Dance: To be determined.

This year’s\ Jackie, Robinson Hat Day:4/14/2022-4/15/2022

and This year’s Dodgeball Team Dues: 5/2/2022-5/18/2022

Dodgeball Song Requests: 5/2/2022-5/19/2022


DMS humanities teacher Cathy Barker says “these fundraisers are a great way to make money for the student council and the school. The fundraisers can help us do more fundraisers, activities, and field trips for the school year. They can help us add new things around the school like new things to the lunch menu, or to buy Chromebooks for students and teachers.”


By supporting the student council and participating in activities you are directly supporting our school and all of the students too. It is important to support the school and all the programs.