Students speak out about TikTok

Colton Kelly and Landon Brown

TikTok is a social media platform where people can make and share videos to make friends and followers. You can tell people about their content in the comment section.

Fabian Villarreal likes TikTok and thinks it is entertaining and funny. He doesn’t like it when people bully people in the comments. Fabian has TikTok and he posts videos sometimes. He has 45 followers and he wants 1 million followers. He posts entertaining videos and he likes comedy and meme videos. He doesn’t prefer TikTok over any social media platform.

Jayson Marqeuz-Hill likes the memes of TikTok, but he dislikes Charli D’amelio. He has a TikTok account and he watches and makes TikToks. He has 13 followers and he wants 15. He doesn’t prefer Tiktok over other social media platforms.

Gabe Spencer Loves memes because they are funny. He doesn’t like bullies.. He watches TikToks and posts funny memes to make people laugh. He has 2.5k followers and he wants 1.0m so he can be verified. He posts memes and he watches memes. He doesn’t prefer TikTok over any other social media because he likes to watch snapchat stories.

Areli Rojas likes Tiktok and she dislikes nothing about it. She has a TikTok account and she does not post videos. She doesn’t know how many followers she has, and she doesn’t want any more followers. She likes everything on TikTok, and she doesn’t prefer TikTok over other social media platforms.

Carter Riddles likes TikTok and he dislikes the mean people. He has his own TikTok account. He likes to watch TikToks in his freetime. He has 92 followers and he wants to have 100. He posts funny videos and likes to watch funny videos. He does prefer tiktok over every other social media platform.