CO2 car race information

Mackena Kelnhofer, Academics reporter

This Tuesday there was a meeting held about the CO2 car race this year. The meeting was held in Mrs.Castle’s room, room 249. This story is about the main information and some of the details about the race.

To get the CO2 car kit, it costs 5 dollars cash. In the kit it contains a foam block, wheels, a wooden block, axles, sandpaper, straw, and a little book with the requirements and instructions. Only the 7th and 8th graders can participate in the race. If you are a 6th grader or know one that wants one to make for fun but not to participate you can still buy one.

The race is at the Simmon Center on Tuesday, November 29th. The race is not the same day you turn your CO2 car in. You have to turn your car into Mrs.Castle on October 29th. When you are designing your car you are allowed to have someone to help you, but you can not just make them do all the work you have to make sure you do it too.