See you at the pole

Joelliza Fincher and Reyna Murillo

See you at the pole is something the Duncan middle school does every wednesday. See you at the pole was regenerated in 1990, when a group of teens came outside by the pole.

Mr.clark, a counselor at Duncan middle school, knows quite a bit about see you at the pole. “ I remember I had just graduated college,and it had been over 30 years. I’ve always tried to support it and there are many pastors that try and promote it.” said Calrk. Most of our pastors try to bring donuts in the morning for our students and we do this to pray for the students who don’t talk about what’s going on at home. Every student walks through our school doors with something they don’t share and it’s not a bad thing. It’s also not because they are bad kids, some kids still go to church every Sunday and not come to see you at the pole, and that’s okay. “I believe that seeing you at the pole is more important than just saying you have a prayer circle. Some kids don’t go to see you at the pole because they are shy and bashful.” said clark.

See you at the pole all started when times were changing fast, that was the beginning of cell phones, and social media. There were so many kids that got on fire for Jesus , and they decided that Jesus was the answer. kids have broken homes they’ve had parents who cussed at them  and had just gone off of drugs and not many are aware of that. I think there was a need for that, it’s patentable, you can invent something and patent it. It’s useful, but without it it’s useless, see you at the ple was an experiment it started as we did a lot. See you at the pole starts at 7:15 every morning and if you have the chance come by they love to see lots of kids!