heres why ‘HALO’ is better than ‘destiny 2’


Brendan Heilman

Brendan Heilman , clubs editor

People have said that destiny 2 is better than the original HALO: Combat Evolved and I think that is wrong the original HALO game was a masterpiece and destiny is a good game but the second one isn’t as good as the first one or the original HALO it is better than HALO 5 anything is better than HALO 5 I enjoy the destiny series (R.I.P Cayde 6) but I love the original halo combat evolved destiny has a few unique features like enemies, guns, and powers but halo was revolutionary for its time and it still is a good game I prefer the original halo series HALO; CE-HALO 3 and HALO 4 HALO 5 is not good but destiny is great and I love it even the second one but if I was given the choice to either play destiny 2 or HALO 2 for the rest of eternity looks like there won’t be anymore elite preferred species anymore 

overall HALO is better than Destiny 2, fight me. – you’re favorite brem