Red Ribbon week slowly approaches DMS

Joelliza Fincher and Reyna Murillo

October is the most festive month of the year here at Duncan Middle School, there are multiple events, projects, concerts, and celebrations. One of the many celebrations at DMS is Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon week is where students can dress up and attend activities in school. Duncan High School also participates in red ribbon week.

Jacob Conn and Keadon Macinnes, students at DMS are excited for Red Ribbon Week, “I get to dress up, but I don’t know what the themes are going to be,” Conn said. “I’m excited for red ribbon week because it will help a lot of people out,” Macinnes said. 

Anthony Lada, a 7th grader who needs a little bit of school spirit said, “I’m not excited for spirit week, because all we do is dress up.” 

Conn and Macinnes are both unsure about what the dress-up days will be but luckily students don’t have to worry about the dress-up days because the plans for dress-up days are:

Monday – Show good character and say “no” to drugs! (dress as your favorite movie character)

Tuesday – Lei off the drugs ( dress in your favorite Hawaiian attire)

Wednesday – Put a cap on drugs (wear a hat)

Thursday – Drugs are old school (dress from the 50s)

Friday – We are red-y to be drug-free! (wear red)

“I think the dress-up day is going to be your favorite cartoon, or dress up like a demon,” Keadon said. “I think we might dress up in red,” Lada commented. Some of the guesses were right and some of them are pretty good ideas, maybe in the next dress-up week those ideas may come into consideration, but in the meantime be prepared for the upcoming celebration and stay drug-free!