‘Oculus Quest 2’ 7 months later


Brendan Heilman

Brendan Heilman , clubs editor

After owning my Quest 2 for 7 months I have had some great experiences, but… also things have changed from when I first got it such as controller drift that makes some games unplayable. It’s a good system but it has more flaws than I first thought. Like controllers not pairing as well or like I said before drift. It sucks, I do not like it. I have no idea what caused it but it is not good. But on the plus side, I have gotten great games like FNaF VR or Ritchie’s plank experience I’ve found great games for anyway I want to play. I’ve even started a YouTube channel just over VR overall I am a big fan of VR but also a big critic if you want one and can afford it buy it and you won’t regret it. Like before I highly recommend the Oculus Quest 2.