Teachers share their Christmas traditions

Joelliza Fincher and Reyna Murillo

Christmas is one of our many holidays. Some people don’t celebrate Christmas, most do common things, and some have very different traditions. 

Ms. Hurley, the 8th grade English teacher at DMS, she has special traditions for her holiday. “We stuff stockings for the kids, and usually I have to get another stocking or bag because I always get too much stuff, we also have egg casseroles, one has meat and one has artichoke and spinach”. Ms. Hurley loves to celebrate Christmas with her daughters in Virginia. “One thing I think I do that nobody really does for Christmas is I try to look for the perfect gift, I really put a lot of thought into it.  I don’t want to be one of those people who just gives someone money.” 

Mrs. Gdanski, the 7th grade English teacher does a whole lot of things on Christmas, even a day afterwards! “On Christmas Eve my husband’s side of the family gets together and we eat finger foods and give gifts, and play dirty santa. Then on Christmas day we open presents and stay in pajamas all day. We watch Christmas movies too, and then on the 26th we have christmas dinner, because if you have christmas dinner on christmas day you won’t have time to spend with your family and it’s christmas!”. Mrs. Gdanski also loves Christmas because it’s her favorite holiday. “I think something that other people don’t really do as often is they read the passage about Jesus’s birth in the bible”. Everybody has special traditions for Christmas, what’s your tradition, and you think other people might not do? Have a Merry Christmas!