“WoW” is a fantasy RPG


Lillian Thomason, Clubs Vice-Editor


World Of Warcraft (Or WOW for short) is a fun online computer game. In WOW you can go on quests, run dungeons, go on raids, join a guild, just adventure around or, like what I like to do, see how many things you can kill in one pull. (A pull is how many monsters/creatures you can get to attack you)


When you first get WOW you must create an account. When you get it made you can click PLAY and it will bring you to your, what I call, character slideshow. When you click make character it brings you to the character making thing. (I don’t know what it’s called exactly lol) The character race choices are Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, smth, smth, smth, smth, smth, and Draenei. Once you choose your race you can move on to what class you want to be. The classes are Druid, Hunter, Mage, Preist, Warlock, Warrior, shaman, death knight, monk, paladin, rogue , .

 My main is a Draenei, Shaman.


When you get done with making your character click Enter World. A cutscene will show, telling you how, why, or what you are in this world. Then you will be in control of your character. Depending on what you are, you will have different spells. To test them out just click on one of the monsters and click the spell. It might take a second to “power up”. You can also take quests from npcs around the area you are in. Killing monsters and taking quests will give you XP to level up. 


After you get to a high level you can start running dungeons with random people you just pick up from the side of the road or join a guild. A guild is a thing that low leveled people join to level up.