My opinion about our basketball team

Brycen Maddox, Editor

My opinion on how the Duncan basketball team is doing so far is this :

I think they are doing amazing so far and probably will the rest of the season as well. I think that you and everyone else should agree with the growth they gain and the compassion they have for the sport.

And I can tell that they work together as a team and really have the drive to win at the sport they love. I think that with the amazing players on the team if they work hard enough they could become the baddest and the best team that there is.

I personally think that a lot of the players on the team practice a lot even after their practices. They have really good dribbling skills and some have amazing shooting skills. And I personally love the sport because it’s so exciting to watch and has an awesome thrill of a shot being taken. 

And even though these people on the team are in middle school, they have amazing talent and I think they have a chance of going to the NBA. I truly believe that that’s how amazing their teamwork and their own skills are in my opinion.