Sports co-editor reflects on feelings regarding ‘Fortnite’

Brycen Maddox and Tavion Holland

On July 21, 2017, the amazing developers of “Fortnite,” Epic Games, made the most epic game “Fortnite.”

It has been around for five years now. Many famous people play the game including Richard Tyler Bevans, also known as Ninja, also famously known as Lannan Neville Eacott /Laser Beam. Also, Pokimane and many other famous people play the game. 

“Fortnite” is loved by many. So many people have played “Fortnite” and love the game.

Many people have taken breaks from the game costing all the skins,  V-BUCKS, Back blings, Pickaxes and more. One word to describe “Fortnite” Is GOAT. Greatest of all time., it’s the most loved game of the century. Most people play the game every day, such as myself and millions more.  

“Fortnite” is a fun game that you and your friends can play all day. “Fortnite” is the power-point of our world and core of our spirits. And it’s free so it doesn’t cost, as Mr.Crabs would say “Money, Money, Money, Money.”

In “Fortnite,” you can play with random people in duos, squads, trios, creative and more. “Fortnite” is the most interesting game ever because you can do so many different things.

And it will most likely be popular forever even after our generation has left the “Fortnite” lobby.