Going Virtual for the rest of the week

The students at DMS went virtual February 23 to the 25th. Every single teacher had to have an assignment for their students.  Most of the students were thrilled to have virtual days so they didn’t have to go to school. They would have much rather had snow days but at least they didn’t have to go to school, even if they had more work. Most assignments from the teachers were paperwork for the students who don’t have internet at home. The students at DMS went virtual because the roads were icy and it was freezing outside.

The academic team asked Averie Knapp. Knapp thinks that we should have been virtual during the icy days, since it’s more likely we will lose power in freezing rain than in snow. Knapp thinks this is the best option because then we still have snow days left and will get Fridays off in April. She thinks it would be relatively easy since teachers aren’t there to explain it and she doubts that the assignments would be difficult to work on. She said she will do her best to complete her work.

The second person that the academic team asked was Bailee Howard. Howard feels okay about the virtual days. Howard said that she thinks going virtual for these few days is necessary. She thinks this is necessary because if they used up snow days we wouldn’t get Fridays off in April. Howard thinks it might be pretty challenging or it might be okay. She says she will try her best so she doesn’t receive a bad grade.

The last person that the academic team asked was Jackson Wisdom. Wisdom thinks we will go virtual because it’s cold and snowy. Wisdom thinks the virtual days are okay. Jackson thinks it is for a day or 2 to get work done. He thinks that at least one of the 3 days should be a snow day. Jackson thinks it will be easy, and says he will try to get his work done on the virtual days.