Strutton sets up mobile office in the DMS hallways


Joelliza Fincher

Principal Rodney Strutton

For some people, there’s something great about getting out of the office.

When it comes to Principal Rodney Strutton, the ability to mobilize is something he enjoys. However, there’s always work to be done. Instead, he has developed a mobile office, where he uses a desk on wheels and a laptop computer so he can set up in the hallway to interact with students throughout the day.

“It’s a fun way to get out in the hall and help with tardies, it lets me out of the office a little more” Strutton said. “It’s a lot easier working out of the office  because I am not taking a bunch of calls and I don’t have people constantly coming into my office.”

He moved his mobile desk from hallway to hallway several times throughout the day, giving him a chance to be part of the action happening where the students are.

He said he likes getting the break from his office. And like most educators, Strutton appreciates the opportunity to visit with the students.

“It’s a lot quieter with the exception of passing periods,” Strutton said. “I’m not sure if it helps me work better, but it’s a nice break from routine, and I get to spend more time with students.

For some students, seeing Strutton in the hallways is exciting, although a bit of a break from the norm. Strutton said he was a bit confused about why, but he enjoys it.

“The kids I have talked to think it’s a little crazy, but they like it and seem to get a good laugh out of it,” he said.