How sports have impacted our world

Brycen Maddox, Editor

Sports have impacted our world and history so much throughout time. The first-ever appearance of sports began in 776 BC. And have been around for around 3,000 years. The most popular sports trending now are Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, and more.

Also, many famously known people have played these sports like LeBron James who is known for his amazing basketball skills, another famous basketball player is Michael Jordan, and who is one of the most famous people today is Cristiano Ronaldo who is known for his football (Soccer) skills.

The most famous sport today is tennis. And some people who played the sport in the past are Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, and Mathew Perry. And the top three best tennis players today are Rodger Federer, Rod Laver, and Steffi Graf. 

But I think that the best sport today is probably basketball or football. Because there is so much action and excitement every second of the game. And so many people are now famously known for these two sports and many others but mostly basketball and football in my opinion. 

But other sports are well known to and have introduced well-known people like soccer, tennis, hockey, golf, and more.