Sports editors discusses the week in DMS sports


Bryson Burton

Bryson Burton, Sports Editor

 Tuesday, Sept. 6th, 2022, Duncan played Cache, that was an absolute blowout.

They lost 8-58, but they learned from it. They are very disappointed in themselves; many of them think they will have to do rolls at practice as a punishment.

On the other hand, the softball team won on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 12-2.

Duncan had its ups and downs. Next week will hopefully be better for the middle school.

Meanwhile, the cross country team had it’s first meet Friday, Sept. 9th.

The volleyball team had  a game Thursday, Sept. 8. They are having a good season so far.

The volleyball team beat Lawton Mac in 2 sets. The scores were: 1st set was 25-23 and the 2nd set was 25-19. Many people said it was a good game.

In sports outside of the school, the first NFL game was played Thursday night. It was between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams.

The Buffalo Bills came out victorious, as they won 31-10.

Jake Paul the Youtuber/Boxer will face off against Anderson Silva, a UFC middleweight champion, on Oct. 29th in Phoenix, Arizona.

The sporting world mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as she passed away at the age of 96. British sports are having a massive postponement for the Queen. Her son, Prince Charles III, will take the throne.