Honor choir prepares for competition

Ava Allbritton, Clubs Asistant Editor

The Duncan Middle school honor choir is getting ready for competition.

Christiana Orr was interviewed about being a member of the Demon Pitchforks Honor Choir, which is preparing for competition. (Peyton Griffith)

Most of the first semester of the school year will be focused on preparing for competition, which will take place sometime after Christmas Break. The choir members are working to perfect five songs in time for the contest.

This year, the Demon Pitchforks Honor Choir is composed of 21 choir students. The two teachers leading the group are Courtney Miles and Cara Peyton.

Christiana Orr, a member of the Demon Pitchforks, said her favorite pare of being in honor choir is learning new types and styles of music.

“I love being a part of this year’s honor choir/show choir ensemble, even though it can be a little hard at times,” Orr said. “I am excited to see all of our hard work paying off at the end when it all comes together, and I really enjoy getting the opportunity to be a part of this year’s DMS honor choir/pitchforks group.”

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To Orr, success in Honor Choir is being able to sing all of the music correctly and sounding well during class time and especially in competition. She said she was not nervous during the honor choir audition, but she was not totally confident.

If she could give any advice to the incoming students seeking to audition for the honor choir, she would tell them to just try their best, dive in head first and seize the opportunity with all their hearts.

Orr said she is most excited about getting the opportunity to perform in competitions and seeing the entire show come together in perfect unison.

Peyton joined the DMS Vocal Music Department this year, as teaching music at Woodrow Wilson Elementary previously. She said she is enjoying getting to work with the honor choir students this year.

“I am very excited to get the opportunity to teach the girls, watching them grow and just seeing it all come together at the end, and they have worked so hard,” Peyton said.

She said success in honor choir means tying your hardest and giving your best effort, even if you don’t win. She said she really likes the honor choir songs because they are pop and upbeat.

Peyton said she also excited about going to competition.