New phone policy changed

Jude Weightman and Ian Lang, Academic Reporters

People were getting ready for lunch and getting on their phones (Cooper Beranek)

As of the start of the 2022/2023 School year, there have been some changes to the rules. Most notable is the phone rule change during lunch. The rules are that only during lunch you are allowed to have your phones out to use them. You could use them for games or call your elders/guardians. last year they would permit you to get on your phone only on Friday. I’m pretty sure everyone in the school is fond of this change. Also if you need to call or contact your parents you can no longer use your phone. you have to use either the teacher’s or the office phone to call your guardians. However, some kids may need to talk to their guardians in private.

We put together a couple of questions involving the new phone policy. we asked Tristen Guth a few questions about the topic.

   “Do you like the new phone policy?” “yes, I do because I like being on my phone.”

   “How do you feel about the new no smart watches rule?”  “I don’t know I think it is stupid.”

  “How do you feel about having to use the teachers’ phone instead of your own phone?” “I think it’s a bad idea.” and some of the teachers agree as well 

 “What are some things you don’t like about having your phone at lunch?” “I don’t know if there is anything I don’t like about it.”

 “Do you like having your phone at lunch?” Yes because I like being on my phone.” 

So as of last year a lot of people like the new phone policy. However, it is a lot, louder in the lunch room. So the last few weeks have been better now that kids can have their phones at lunch.