The start of History Club

Ava Allbritton, Clubs co editor

 Duncan Middle School has started a club named, History Club. This year is the first year of the History Club. The History Club is run by David Alston, the Eighth-grade social studies teacher. They meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Coach Alston stated, “I think History Club or just clubs, in general, are a great way to spark new interest in areas that a student may not participate in otherwise.” 


 Alston says “Our motto for the history club is HOPE it stands for History Offers Positive Enrichment.  It is our desire to pursue hope throughout history.  Looking for ways we can offer positive enrichment to the club, classmates, and the community.”


Coach Alston Talks about history is his first history club meeting (Berkley Morris)

“Success for the club would be for students to get involved and for students to give positive feedback”, says Alston.  The history club allows students to further their knowledge by participating outside the classroom and experiencing history in a new way. History Club will also have a few field trips in the future. 


“We are currently working on a bulletin board display (on the 8th-grade hall) that will showcase a city map of Duncan along with historical information about local buildings and businesses”, says Alston.


 Riley Hunter, an eighth-grade student, and attendee for the history club said,  “One thing I like about History Club is learning about cool stuff about history.” Riley is also trying to become the vice president of the History Club. he says, “I am running for vice president because I think I’m a good leader and I want to help lead people.” Hunter is also looking forward to going on some field trips and just learning

about history with Coach Alston. Riley stated, “I wanted to join because Coach Alston is the teacher and it seemed like it would be pretty cool.”