Sports editor talks about the fall sports ending


Bryson Burton, Sports Editor

All Fall sports have ended at Duncan Middle School And it’s time for Winter sports to begin.

Wrestling practice started on Thursday, October 20, 2022. There are around 40 kids wrestling, but only 13 will make varsity. Basketball started the same day and looks to have a good season as well. Same thing for other sports. In news around the nation. The Philadelphia Eagles are still undefeated in the NFL and they have a bye this week. In the MLB, the Yankees are playing the Astros and the Padres are playing the Phillies to see who is going to the World Series. The Astros are leading in the series 2-0 and the Phillies and Padres are currently tied in their series. I think it will be The Phillies against the Astros in the World Series. NBA basketball officially started on Tuesday, Oct 14, 2022. So most teams have only played one or two games. Kevin Durant just bought his own Pickleball franchise in the National Pickleball League. OU football is having its worst season in the past decade, they’re currently 4-3 on the season and still have to play OSU, Baylor, and Iowa State. Meanwhile, Tennessee University just upset Alabama which was ranked number one in the AP poll.