Student life editor talks about Double Life S.m.p

Abi Lewis, Student life Editor

 Some people know about the life series by Grian. The latest one is Double Life SMP and it raised a lot of questions for me like, “why did Grian cheat on Scar and how did scar know?” The one question that made me think was “ When did Scott and Pearl get married, and why did they divorce?” I think I  have answers to those questions. If you haven’t seen Double Life you should. 


   In the first episode of Grian’s P.O.V “, Double Trouble,” Grian hopes that his soulmate is Bdubs, when he sees that Bdubs has found his soulmate he realizes that he has taken a lot of damage. He speculates that his soulmate is either Scar or Impulse, and this worries him. He sees Scar in a river messing with an ally and he gets hit by something under the water. Grian then takes damage and realizes his fear came true. Scar still doesn’t know and he thinks his soulmate is Jellie. Grian decides to keep it a secret from him until the end of the episode, so Grian continues to build his base using dripstone to harm any red lives in the future. He also collects some goat horns for people to communicate, then he decides that it is time to tell Scar. He gets Scar under a tree and tells Scar to look at him. He breaks the block over the dripstone causing Scar and him to get hurt, but Scar was looking at Jellie. Grian did it again and Scar watched him. Scar realized and he seemed shocked. Later on, in the series Grain is talking with Bdubs and is “cheating” on Scar with him. Scar sees them chatting and he thinks that Grian has cheated on him.  In episode 5 of Grian’s P.O.V “ Uh Oh” Scar gives Grian some cookies. Grian asks’ “where did you get these?” Scar responds, “ Oh I made them myself, they’re for your secret soulmate.” Grian tries to dismiss that he was cheating with Bdubs. They overlook this for the rest of the episode.


   Scott and Cleo knew who their soulmates were before Double Life started. Scott’s soulmate is his ex and her name is Pearl. Many people call her crazy lady Pearl. Scott isn’t happy that his ex and he are soulmates. Pearl starts taking big loads of damage to try and get rid of Scott. In one of the episodes, Scott and Cleo make a banner that says “Welcome home cheaters,” for Pearl and Martin also Scott and Cleo become soulmates by choice but they aren’t linked. As she loses her lifes she goes more insane and even takes out 4 soulmate pairs one of them being Martin and Cleo. She has also been talking about somebody named Tilly. In the last episode, Pearl tells Scott that she didn’t have faith in her and Scott, but she does have a lot of faith in her and her dog Tilly who is dead. Scott tells Pearl that she deserves it more and he places it under him. Pearl is confused by that statement and she backs up. Scott lights the TNT and says, “ Tilly death do us part Pearl.” Pearl realizes what he meant and he screams Tilly’s death do us part once more then he explodes. Even if they were the last pair Scott sacrificed himself so Pearl could win. They divorced because of Tilly.