Boys wrestling team prepares for the season

Sofia Hernandez, Sports Reporter

Wrestling season has now begun for the boys, and a lot of them are excited to start wrestling because it’s one of their favorite sports.

This year’s team includes sixth, seventh and eighth-grade boys, all with different wrestling experience.

Bailey Hunter, an eighth-grade wrestler, said he’s prepared for this season because he practices a lot. Hunter thinks he does well as an individual, but he thinks the varsity team will do well this year. As of now, the wrestlers don’t know who their varsity team members are yet, but Hunter knows they will be good.

He said the team as a who is looking good so far during pre-season.

Hunter said there are a lot of people who encouraged him to wrestling, including his football coach, who worked to build him up by telling him he is good a wrestling and helped him get better and better every practice.

The first tournament of the season took place Saturday.

Blayden Harper is another eighth-grade wrestler.

Harper said he’s prepared for this season because he’s been working hard and is trying hard this wrestling season. He said he thinks he has a good team this season and that everyone will do his best this year because his hard work as a team.

He said his dad inspired him to become a wrestler, but he also has appreciated the help his coaches have offered.

For Avery Poucher, there are some questions on whether he’s prepared for the wrestling season.

Poucher is an eighth-grade wrestler, and he thinks he has a good team this season. Although he’s not sure how prepared he is this season, he said he thinks this season will go well because the wrestlers typically do well as individuals and as a team.

He said the team has been working hard together.