General News co Editor talks about Thanksgiving

Amy Lopez, General News Co Editor

Thanksgiving break is a week-long at Duncan middle school. I think that a week is long enough to spend time with family, it’s a good time to go visit family or travel. I’m going to spend time with my family. A big argument that people have about Thanksgiving break is that it’s not long enough but I feel like it’s long enough because teachers need to teach enough for us to get ready for the next grade and if we had more time off that time would be wasted when it could be used for teaching and learning. I feel like people should be grateful they gave students a week off to spend time with family and have a fun time. I feel like teachers should plan what they are going to do after Thanksgiving break before break so that they have a whole week to enjoy and won’t have to come back a day or two early to school. My favorite type of Thanksgiving food is ham and mashed potatoes. My least favorite food is turkey and cranberry sauce. For Thanksgiving, my family just has a little feast but in my family, but there are six of us so there is a good amount of food.