Football provides better entertainment value than baseball


Berkley Morris, Clubs Editor

I like football better than baseball.

I was a football manager for Duncan Middle School, and I really enjoyed being able to help the coaches and make some friends in the process. I also really like the football jerseys better because something about the baseball jerseys just doesn’t look right.

I like football because it’s fun to watch the players tackle each other and occasionally fly through the air. It’s also more entertaining because in baseball, you hit a ball and run around the base. But in football, you tackle each other, kick the ball and run with the ball.

There are also some negative things about football, like the injury rate is much higher than in football. And there is more physical contact with the other players. But baseball has flaws as well.

For example, baseball is not as fun to watch because, even though you can’t always predict what’s going to happen, you can guess what’s mainly going on.

Baseball also does not have as much physical contact, and I don’t think it’s very entertaining.

Football tends to be overall more engaging for the audience.

In conclusion, I think football is more entertaining than baseball because of the physical contact, and watching people get tackled makes the game more unpredictable keeping the audience engaged.