Sports Editor rounds up sports for the week


Bryson Burton

Bryson Burton, Sports Editor

There are a lot of sports happening across the country.

At Duncan Middle School, the boys wrestling team went to Westmoore for a tournament last Saturday. Some kids on the team got a minor skin infection and were not able to go. The girls wrestling team also wen to Westmoore.

In DMS basketball, the girls basketball team had a game Nov. 8. They picked up a win 29 to 7 against Lawton Central.

On the national level, the Philadelphia Eagles entered the week undefeated and looked to keep it going. However, in their game Monday against the Washington Cammanders, the Eagles took a nosedive, losing 21 to 32.

The Dallas Cowboys played the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Despite the Packers getting off to an awful start to the season, entering the game 3-6 and continuing into a five-game losing streak, the Packers picked up the W, touting a victory of 31 to 28. Prior to the game, the Cowboys were looking at a 6-2 season.

NBA basketball has recently started, and Luka Doncic is looking like an early MVP favorite for the Dallas Mavericks.

The Los Angeles Lakers are 2-9 with Lebron James, Anthony Davi, and Russell Westbrook as their best players. The Milwaukee Bucks entered the week with a 10-1 record, but on Monday, the team faced defeat against Atlanta Hawks (106 to 121).

The Houston Astros won the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. They won 4-2.

The World Cup is about to begin. Brazil is the top contender for the title.