Hopes for Bedlam coin drive

Ava Allbritton, Assistant clubs editor


Ms. Barker poses in hopes of OU winning the bedlam coin drive (Bralin McCartney)

At Duncan Middle School the Bedlam Coin Drive happened this week and ended today,

November 18th. The school does this every year to raise money so that NJHS and Student Council can provide the staff with lunch and a gift. Cathy Barker is in charge of the coin drive and she is hopeful that OU can raise the most money. 


Barker stated, “I think this will be a success and we are going to go around and ask if anyone would like to participate just in case they didn’t have time.” Cathy also stated, “ I really hope that OU wins because I love that team I was raised with OU and I will die with OU but if I’m being honest I could see either team winning because there are quite a few OSU and OU fans.” 


One of the many students at Duncan Middle School is Andrew Houston, he is an OU fan and is really hoping they win. Andrew stated, “I really like OU and I think they will win and I hope they win.” Houston also said, “I think this will be beneficial for the school because it’s raising money and it’s in a cool way that gets students involved .” Andrew Houston is all for the competition he claims. “I think the competition is cool and I like it. I think it was a good idea and a good way to raise money.” 


Brenda Hurley is also a teacher at the middle school and she is going to OSU. Ms.Hurley stated, “I think and hope OSU fans I love OSU I think they are an amazing team.” Brenda also stated, “This is beneficial to the school because it’s raising money, helping out, and it is through competition with two rival football teams so it really is a cool thing.” The results of the coin drive will be in after thanksgiving break.