NJHS toy drive

Ava Allbritton and Berkley Morris

Ms. Barker teaches her class (Berkley Morris)

At Duncan Middle School there is a toy drive going on. They do this each year to help out kids in need of things in Duncan. Addison Rowell, a Duncan Middle School student, said that “this is beneficial to NJHS because it is an act of service and it is kind.” She also stated, “ the toy drive helps parents who don’t have enough money to buy their kids toys and see smiles on their faces.” Rowell thinks that this is really good for the community she said, “this is good for the community because it gets people involved and it teaches people how to be kind. It also helps get kids toys who need it and don’t have many.” Addison also says “ I think it is fun and cool because you get to pick out a toy for a kid who really needs it.” 


Cathy Barker and Derrick Miller, NJHS coordinators, stated, “I think that doing this toy drive is a very important thing to grow up to have a kind and willing heart so that you can take advantage of being fortunate and help out other people by being kind and generous.”

Barker went on to state “I really love helping people and seeing them smile.” 

Barker told us she and Derrick have not always been the NJHS leaders.” She said, “I am very glad that we kept this tradition going from the previous leaders because it really benefits all of the kids that would not be able to receive gifts and have the full fun Christmas experience otherwise.” 


In conclusion, NHJS does this each year so that they can help people who are in need and help the children who would not have any presents otherwise. They hope to really make some kid’s day and to let them have smiles on their faces.