First semester grades

Cooper Beranek, Academics Editor

Raylen Crow was interviewed about the first semester grades. (Cooper Beranek)

       Semester grades are going in 3 weeks after thanksgiving break, what are students and teachers going to do? 7th grade Whitney Gdanski said she will tell the students they have 3 weeks to get their grades up and if not they fail. Chuck Wagner, “no one will fail my class they might have a D but not an F.” He wants to make sure all of his students are doing their work and if they are failing he gives them something to make up for it.

     8th grade Brenda Hurley might give a make-up day, and since people are having trouble with prime times she might let someone else help them but not give them the answer. 6th grader Emily Alle has 2 B’s, 1 C, 1 D, and 1 A. She’s going to study more and try to get the grade tickets. 6th-grade Social Studies Mrs. Blackburn, will have 4 more grades until the end of the year, she will give no makeup but she does make sure they make their work up as needed and no one in her class is failing.

     8th grader Andre Urena is a straight-A student his lowest grade is 90.4 and he’s hoping to get the grade tickets to improve his grades. 7th grader Jaxon Mitchell has A’s and high B’s and is hoping to get grade tickets to raise his grade. What are grade tickets, well grade tickets were an idea the mediators and the school came up with to help with behavior and tardies, how do you get them, well if you are not tardy all week you get a ticket you will get the next week during lunch, what they are used for, they can be used to remove your lowest grade from any class of your choosing.