Twelve Days of Christmas Dress up days

Abigail Lewis and Lillian Thomason

The twelve days of Christmas dress up start the first of December and end on the sixteenth of December. Each day is different and you can wear pajamas or hats if they go with each day. Some days the student will have to get creative to fit the theme.

 On the first day of dressing up they get pajamas, so be ready to get your sleep on. On the second day they dress up with flannels, which is flan-tasic. For the third day they dress up shiny and bright. Guess you could say they will shine bright like a diamond. Fourth day they will wear Christmas hats and accessories. Is there gonna be a Christmas mad hatter? Fifth day they will be rocking out. On the sixth day they can wear Christmas socks. Hopefully The Grinch won’t mistake them for presents.

 The seventh day is wearing red. It looks like Rudolph doesn’t just have a shiny nose anymore. The eighth day is the next day to dress up in green or wear grinchy clothes. Ninth day Is hawaiian Christmas outfits. Some people might try to make you laugh, just give them a low ha. Tenth day might be a bit ugly, as they will wear ugly sweaters. Eleventh will be a roundup as they will dress up as cowboys. Finally the twelfth day they will be all Christmas, from their head all the way to their cozy little toes.

Each of these days symbolize how much time we have until Christmas break. Some people dress up everyday while others don’t at all. School Principle Christy Glasscock has been going around getting pictures of people dressed up.

“It is fun to see students wearing random things to fit the days like boxes or bright crowns,” says Zoe Lewis, a student in the seventh grade.