DMS students receive new chrome books


Ian Lang

Sixth grade students log in to their new chrome books. ( Cooper Beranek )

As most students know, Duncan Middle School has been given a huge technology grant of $286,455.00 to buy new, stronger, and better chrome books.

Barbara Gee says, “The chrome books will not be touch screen, but less prone to breaking they’re newer and they’re HP brand.”

According to J. D. Taylor,  “Duncan Public Schools applied for ECF funding (Emergency Connectivity Funds) for both Duncan High School and Duncan Middle School to replace chrome books that have reached the end of their life.”

Taylor says, “We were approved for this funding in the amount of $309,875.00 for the High School to receive 925 new devices, and the Middle School was granted $286,455.00 for 845 devices based on enrollment.  This total amount comes to $596,330.00 providing a total of 1,770 HP G11 chrome books, to include the chrome OS license and a 4 year ADP warranty (accidental damage protection.)”

The vendor we purchased the chrome books from is called Trafera, working with our E-Rate consultant Kellogg & Sovereign. Since one of the requirements from ECF is to allow the student to take the device home, then we equally divided and moved the current Middle School Chromebooks (purchased by the district) down to all Elementary Sites to meet most of their classroom requirements targeting 3-5th grade levels and placed the new chrome books at the Middle School that was funded by ECF to be in compliance. This was a Technology team effort which should sustain the Secondary levels for at least 4 to 5 years, allowing each student to have a device for assignments inside and outside the classroom.  As we all know, the river of technology is ALWAYS flowing and we do our best to give each student the latest tools for an ever changing world.”