PROS members focus on conflict resolution

Berkley Morris, Clubs editor

PROS students met again Thursday with a focus on finding ways to avoid and resolve conflicts.

Principal Christy Glasscock talks with the PROS members during their latest meeting. (Berkley Morris)

PROS, which stands for Peer Resolution for Oklahoma Students, was formed this year as a way to aid in the resolution of conflicts between students, while helping them find ways to handle problems and compromise before a situation gets to counselors or principals.

This is the first year for PROS, and members were selected by principals and teachers on the DMS Guiding Coalition.

During the meeting, which took place in the Parent Resource Room, students discussed topics such as the different types of conflicts, how to resolve conflicts, having active listening, the importance of body language, restating what the students say, how to properly use a contract and confidentiality, which is important that both the mediators as well as the students to keep it a secret so that it doesn’t create more drama.

The meeting aimed at the primary purpose of the group: To resolve disputes without the need for teacher or principal intervention. The meeting also helped the members improve communication between classmates, develop cooperation in solving a common problem, reach agreements that address the interests of both parties and reflect on healthy ways to resolve conflict.

For PRO,S students use the process of mediation to settle arguments between pairs or groups of people dealing with conflict. They use the process to find a solution themselves instead of having an adult tell them how to do it.