Reporter reviews ‘Dark Souls Remastered’

Darvin McAfee, Student Life Reporter

“Dark Souls Remastered” is a hard game on its own, but if you choose one of the Red Herring Classes, it’s super hard to play. Normally once people find this out they start a new game and replay the game.

Darvin McAfee

But to stop you from making a bad character, we’ll talk about them.

So to start with the Red Herring Classes, the hunter is a big red herring because people see that he starts off with a bow, and new players see it as a good class. But you can get a bow super early on in the game by a secret vendor and the bow is only good on-base enemies, and including his melee weapon he’s just a bad class.

But now about the miscellaneous class, the deprived is a class with pretty much nothing. He starts with only a club with zero armor and can die pretty quickly; this is the class that allows people to experience the pain of “Dark Souls Remastered.” Now time for the melee classes, the thief, warrior, knight, bandit and wanderer are all melee classes.

The thief is the definition of high-risk high reward. The critical hits from this character are potent in damage and are great for cheesing bosses that can be a critical hit. But the thief starts with a small shield and a dagger for their weapons so if you’re good at parrying you should pick this class.

he warrior is most likely the best melee class in “Dark Souls Remastered” because he can take a lot of hits and return them with damaging blows. He starts off with a good shield and a long sword which is good, but if you use this class never two-hand a weapon unless you are going to fight a boss with a cliff that you can critically hit the boss with.

Then there is the knight; he is just a worsened version of a warrior. And then there is the bandit, who has low armor but he has an axe that does a lot of damage but is hard to use.

And finally, there is the wanderer class. He starts with a scimitar and a leather shield, and he starts with decent armor.

He is the base for melee classes and is pretty decent.

Now we can finally discuss the magic classes, which includes the sorcerer and the pyromancer.

The pyromancer is a great class. It’s great for experienced players and slightly new players. He has an ax and a shield that’s normally used for backup and has barely any armor he also starts with a fire scroll to cast fire spells.

The sorcerer class is just pyromancer but without the fire and more on the magic part. He has an iron buckle and a dagger and also no armor, but he does start with a magic scroll that you can use to cast spells.

So to sum it up, the pyromancer class is the best class. But what about the gifts?

Gifts are pretty much a starter, they help the character in many different ways. You can get the divine blessing, black firebombs, twin humanities, binoculars, a pendant, a master key, a tiny being’s ring and the old witch’s ring.

Divine blessing gives you three consumables that completely heal you. The black firebomb gift just gives you 10 black firebombs. Twin humanities give you two humanities. Binoculars allow you to see things from a distance. The pendant does not do anything because it was an April fool joke. The master key allows you to open almost every door. The tiny being’s ring increases your HP by 5 percent. And the old witch’s ring allows you to communicate with Quelaag’s sister.

The best out of all of those is the master key, but this is not recommended to new players because this could lead them to high-level areas.

But to sum all of this up, the pyromancer with the master key is the best character setup.

But no matter the class, you can shape it to a different class with ease.


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