Rose named DMS teacher of the year

Reanna DeLaRosa, Academics Reporter

Shannon Rose was standing in the office. Why she was there doesn’t really matter.

But it wasn’t long before she was joined by the Duncan Middle School principals, Duncan superintendent Dr. Channa Byerly. it wasn’t long before she was recognized for her contributions to the success of her students.

Shannon Rose, center, receives her recognition as the Duncan Middle School teacher of the year. She was honored by, from left, DMS Assistant Principal Mike Ryan, Duncan Superintendent Dr. Channa Byerly, DMS Assistant Principal Tim Hightower, Duncan Assistant Superintendent Merry Stone, and DMS Principal Christy Glasscock. (Talon Lewis)

As Talon Lewis witnessed, Rose appeared almost overcome by the acknowledgement.

Rose was named the Duncan Middle School Teacher of the Year. She is the seventh-grade resource teacher at DMS.

“I feel honored, surprised and excited,” Rose said.

When talking to the students Rose works with, they described her as “very helpful.” And it’s that reputation that has reached the Duncan Middle School faculty.

Sonia Norton, a self-contained special education teacher, was last year’s DMS teacher of the year and the district teacher of the year.

Norton said she thinks Rose a great representation of what a teacher of the year should be.

“It’s well deserved,” Norton said. “She has a caring attitude toward students, an ability to work well with other teachers and is an essential help to students.”

Rose has worked for Duncan Public Schools for five years with the last three years at the Duncan Middle School. However, she has a 30-year career as a teacher with previous experience in Texas.

To be recognized as the school’s teacher of the year, Rose had to have at least five years of experience in a classroom with the last three years in Duncan. From there, the middle school teachers voted for whom they thought best represented Duncan Middle School and Duncan Public Schools.

To be considered for the school’s teacher of the year, teachers also had to commit to filling out the paper work for district and state teacher of the year, depending on what level they were selected to.

Although she is honored as being selected as the school’s teacher of the year, Rose appreciates the seventh-grade teachers, who help her do her job.

“I want to give credit to the seventh-grade teachers because we need to work together as a team,” Rose said. “Without them, I would not be able to do all I do.”

As the school’s teacher of the year, Rose is automatically a candidate for the Duncan Public Schools teacher of the year, where she will represent the Duncan Middle School. The district teacher of the year will be recognized during a ceremony, held at a later date.